Fresh Christian Thanksgiving Ideas for Church and Family

When the “turkey” month comes, a number of local chapels will start to prepare a Lord’s Supper celebration in the fellowship hall. A delicious meal of homemade vegetable stew will be served on each table. On Thanksgiving Eve, the deacon who wears the clerical attire and other church staff are seated around the tables with candles in the middle and share the blessings they received last year from God informally with their colleagues, families, and friends. Likewise, for some churches, the Thanksgiving season is the ideal opportunity to give the children of all ages a lesson on Christian traditions and an attitude of gratitude. Here’re some suggestions for your references:

The Ten Lepers Play:

It’s a short piece of humorous performance that children act as their parents narrate. The props needed for this skit are plenty of cloth bandages (e.g. strips of old white sheets) and some matte woven robes. When the play starts, parents will pick one child among all 11 children to play Jesus while the other 10 children can dress up as leapers. Learned from the story of the 10 leapers from Luke 17, kids will appreciate the blessings God gives us.

Handmade Thanksgiving Crafts:

Creating some of the sweetest keepsake craft with your kids’ own hands is not only a breathtaking process of learning but a meaningful lesson. No matter the takeaway in the end is a ceramic artistic object, a dazzling silver ring, a hand-drawn sketchbook, a paper plate craft or an unforgettable experience, they all will remind your children to be thankful and grateful when they see them.

Thanksgiving Bible Lessons:

As of the middle of October, certain churches developed customized Bible study lessons and games that geared straight for teens. Although life has many ups and downs and the path to wellbeing and success is sometimes complicated, giving yourself time for reflection during the bible lessons will enable you to find your inner peace and the underlying joy that a life of gratitude and contentedness can bring. It is well-acknowledged that it’s crucial for Christians like us to recall what had happened in the past to know who we are, both as followers of Jesus as well as humans. We’ll find the evidence of God’s meticulous care and a deep feeling of love by doing so.

A Wall of Thanks:

At the beginning of November, church members are invited to share lyrical poems or poetic emotional quotes in the form of a visualized artwork placed in a plastic frame and hang on the wall in the church foyer to creatively express thanks to God the whole month. Alternatively, the hand-drawn painting printouts inspired by your favorite songs or the present feelings will also be the decent decorations added to the wall.

Family Tree:

Collecting the best snapshots of your relatives and your friends with their signatures and the dates written on the photos to make ornaments for a little potted tree for Thanksgiving Day is a necessity in certain areas to share people’s thankful thoughts. Find yourself a roll of ribbon to hang those freeze-frame moments on the sprigs of the sapling.

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