Elegant Reversible Paraments & Garment Bag

Paraments are the adornments or hangings on the pulpit and lectern, usually of the clothes, but also of the stole or other material like metalwork, which is an ideal element to decorate the altar. Our Green & Purple Reversible Paraments is made of 100% thick matte polyester, also there is heavy-duty with lining inside. One set includes three pieces: one table runner, one lectern scarf, and one bookmark. The elegant embroidered gold cross on the purple side and gold "IHS" on the green side. IHS is an ancient monogram formed from the first three letters -Iota, Eta and Sigma - of the Greek word for Jesus: IHSOUS. Most Christian churches will change the paraments’ color by the season of the church year. Green is used in ordinary times, and purple is always shown on Lent.

Choir robe garment bags and clergy robe garment bags are made of 100% high-quality thick polyester, which is usually used to protect your garment from dust and smell when hanging the closet, and also to prevent from breakage whilst moving. There are 2 zippers on our black superior bag: one is from top to bottom in front, the other one is on the top in the back of it. Both top and bottom of the bag have a handle, so it could be folded and is convenient for carrying. The clergy robe bags are 66” in length and 23.5" in width, which will fit for garments in most sizes. Besides, there is a card slot on the front side, 3.9" in length, 2.5" in width. So you could put a card with your name or the garment name in it, which is really easy to distinguish. The heat-resistant, waterproof bag also with great craft ships that guarantee a perfect closure to keep dirt and worms from your robe, meanwhile keep the gown in good condition.