Exquisite Clergy Cassocks from IvyRobes

The traditional clergy cassock or soutane is a long garment worn by Roman Catholic priests, deacons and other clergies both as the ordinary dress and under liturgical garments, paired with a clergy shirt, a white surplice and matching band cincture. The style of the outer black cassock robe usually has long sleeves with button closure and fits the body closely. In the Roman Catholic church, the color and trim of the liturgical vestments vary with the ecclesiastical rank of the wearer: the pope wears the plain white cassock, cardinals wear the black cassock with scarlet trim, archbishops and bishops fit the black one with red trim, and merely few clergies wear plain black cassock. In choir and church ceremonies the pope wears a white silk choir cassock while the cardinals wear scarlet or red cassocks apart from certain exceptional cases during the penitential seasons when they purple albs and cassocks.