Confirmation Gowns

The Sacrament of Confirmation is aimed to nourish the life of the candidates in tenth to twelfth grade by a unique outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Reception of the Confirmation Mass doesn't mean the termination of individuals' religious education. However, it's more like a constant process of strengthening the talents given by the Lord. With those deepened gifts such as knowledge, courage, sympathy, wisdom, and judgment after the Confirmation ceremony, the one tends to have a more intimate bond with both the Catholic churches and Jesus Christ. Furthermore, after the rite, the individual can fully take responsibility to better appreciate, defend or practice the faith at all times.

The red remembrance confirmation robe curated by IvyRobes comply with the confirmation dress code in most churches. Our white dove confirmation gown features a stunning look, durable and lightweight construction, and cozy fabric crafted from 100% matte finish polyester. 2 of our stock premium confirmation robes are adorned with an elegantly embroidered descending red dove on the left shoulder yoke which symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Our customers are also welcomed to have our shiny white confirmation gowns at an affordable rate.