1) How long does it take to get my order?

Estimated Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time

Processing Time: For in stock item, processing time is 1-3 work days. For customized products, process time is 4-6 weeks. ( The expedited process time may be available for some customized products, see products page for detail, extra fee available)


Shipping Time: (which is not the same as the processing time). and the shipping options available are as below:

- Postal Service (7-10 work days)

- Regular Shipping (5-7 work days)

- Fedex Economy Shipping (4-5 work days)

- FedEx or DHL Rush Shipping (1-3 work days)

Postal service is only available for small order, weighting under 5 lbs.

The shipping options and time may vary for different countries. You can check the shipping time by placing a simulated order on our website. Remember the shipping time is in addition to the processing time. You need to add together both the handling time and the shipping time to get a time estimate for your order. Check more shipping detail click here

2) How to track my order shipment?

If you have an account registered when placed order

1 Login your account (My Account access link is in the grey bar on top of webpage)

2 On order history, find your order and check the status of order. if it show "Fulfilled" which means the order was shipped out.

3 Click order number and go to order information page, you will see the "Track shipment", click it you will be redirected to the logistics website and see the order tracking information.

If you do not have an account registered when placed order

1 Check your email which used for your order , search email for Ivyrobes.

2 If the order was shipped out, you would receive an email with the title "A shipment from order xxxx is on the way".

3 The tracking number and carrier informatiuon is on the bottom of the email

4 Click the tracking number you will be redirected to the logistics website and see the order tracking information.

3) Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship our products internationally. We ship worldwide to your door by postal service or Fedex, DHL or UPS.

4) How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary depending on your shipping method selection,and order quantity. You can check the shipping cost by placing a simulated order on our website, or you can contact our sales team to quote if you need to place a bulk order.


1) What payment methods do you company accept?

Online payment option 1: Credit card & Debit Card (VISA Mastercard Discover)

Online payment option 2: PayPal (VISA Mastercard Discover American Express)

Offline payment option: If you fail to pay by above two online payment option, you still can place order with offline payment option, our sales team will contact you for the pending order soon. Or if you like to pay by check, PO , bank transfer, Western Union, please also choose the offline payment, sales can help you for other payment method. Send an e-mail to us if you choose offline payment. That would be much appreciated.

2) What I need to do if my credit card does not go through?

Most reason is the billing address mismatch which mean the address you filll out do not match the address credit card company record. Please correct the zip code and try firstly because most credit card check zip code only. If not go through, please check and correct address in detail. If still not work, you still can try other payment option PayPal. Or place order with offline payment, our sales team will contact your soon for the pending order.

3) Do you accept Purchase Order?

Yes, we do accept PO from any organization. But we may ask for payment before shipment though. Please choose offline payment option and send PO to support@ivyrobes.com, our sales team will contact you soon.

4) Do you accept Check or Money Order?

Yes, we do . Please choose offline payment option when place order, our sales team will contact you for check payment instruction.

5) Do you accept partial payment , like deposit for big order?

Yes, we do , but only for big customized order which amount over 5000USD.

6) When I checked my account, the money was charged twice or extra. What should I do now?

If you were charged twice for one order or extra for order amount shown, simply contact us and we will take care of it. We will check our account and once confirmed, we will refund your money via Paypal within 2 to 3 days.


1) How to choose my robe size correctly?

1. Robes are sized by height. Measure from head to floor for your height add the extra inch for girls wear heels, check the size chart here

2. The size 51 mean the length of the robe is 51", from the top of robe to the bottom.

3. Enlargement size is available now. Please choose FF size for overweight people.

4. For size available, please check the size option in product page for detail.

2) How to choose my choir robes size correctly?

The size chart is same, check the size chart here. Importantly, please note the robe bottom will end by your calf when your wear, If you like it to be your ankle please choose one size up. Most choir member like it to be on ankle so it look very nice.

3) How to customized my choir robes?

We have mutiple design for choir robes, please check customized choir robes page for detail,please click here. Or you can send us the design you like by picture, we also can do our best to custom it for you.

4) What is the processing time for customized products?

For different products, the time for custom-made is different. For custom choir robes, it takes 4-6 weeks. For custom stole, it may takes 3-4 weeks to finish. As fast as 3 week Expedited Service may available,please check products page.

5) Can you custom other style or design if not list in the website?

Yes, we are welcome our customer to send us design you like but not list in our website. We are always like to grow with our customer together.

6) Do you have other fabric option for customized choir robes?

Yes, we can offer mutiple fabric choice for customized choir robes. Please contact sales team for more detail.


1) Do you offer free sample for bulk orders?

Yes, we do like to offer school, church and organization a free sample to feel our high quality before a bulk order placed. Please fill out the free sample form or contact sales team direclty. Sample shipping fee may applys

2) How can I place the order?

We highly recommend you to place order online for fast processing. But we also accept order by e-mail and phone. You can also send us an e-mail with order information, then our sales team will reply and contact for payment issue. You can also place order by phone,our customer service will help you to go through every step to finish the order place.

3) How to track my order status?

1. Click on the button"Order Query" on the foot of the main page. Enter your e-mail and order ID to check tracking information

2. You can register an account when you check out. Later you can visit the account to track order status very easily. If you do not like an account registered, you also can check the email we send you automaticlly, like order confirmation email, shipment email and so on.

4) what is your return policy?

We generally accept order return within 30 days after you receive the goods. For detail , please check return policy page

5) Do you offer any discount on bulk order?

Yes, we do offer quantity price for bulk order, please check detail product page for quantity pricing. Except for this, we also offer 5%-20% discount for order over certain amount seasonally, please check our advertisement on site or sign up for coupon newsletters.

Please let us know if you have any questions