Custom Choir Robes, Choir Stoles & Choir Caps

Custom choir robes form IvyRobes will let your choir look much shinier. We carry a wide range of custom adult’s choir robes, children’s choir robes, choir stoles, and choir caps. We also offer many different styles of show choir dresses, such as fluted style, classic style, and more. Create your exquisite and unique choir robe at a reasonable price rate here. The custom choir stole is the best match for your fancy choir robe. You can choose the traditional choir stoles, V choir stoles, reversible choir stoles, and more at Ivyrobes. The custom choir caps with classic styles could let you feel more confident in the choir.

Our choir attire is made of 100% washable matte and polyester stain fabric. If you want to add a logo or some letters to your robes, you can give your embroidery or printed picture to us. You can also choose the right colors for your custom choir robe, stole, and cap. Compared with other manufactories, we only take 3-4 weeks to produce your custom choir items.