Shipping & Handling

Estimated Delivery Time

Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time

Order Processing Time

In-Stock Products : Ships within 1-3 business days

Custom-Made Products : Ships within 4-6 weeks

Expedited Service : We offer expedited processing service for customized products. Please check products page expedited option or contact us for detail. Additional expedited fee apply.

Custom & Stock Mixed Order : If your order has contain both stock and customized products,the processing time is calculated according to the custom-made products. We also can separately ship your order with additional fee apply.

Shipping Time

It is based on the method you choose when checkout. Please check shipping method information below.

Shipping Cost & Method (US Address)

The shipping cost is based on grand total of your order.

Shipping Cost & Method ( International)

We ship to all over the world. The international shipping cost and method depend on the country ship to, the weight of your order and the shipping carrier you choose.

The best way to get the shipping cost and method for your order is placing a simulated order online.

Out Of Stock

If any item(s) are out of stock,our customer service representatives will contact you via phone or email and offer alternate item(s).We will ask if you would like to proceed with your order or make changes to your order.You also have the option to backorder your item(s).

Tracking Your Order

Once the order status shows"Fulfilled" which means the order was shipped out.

You can find the tracking number by login My Account or in the email of shipment notice. We listed the carrier website for you to get tracking information below:

USPS Tracking Link

Fedex Tracking Link

DHL Tracking Link

DHL eCommerce Tracking Link

If you cannot find the tracking number or cannot track the order, please contact us, we are glad to help you.

Shipping Dispute

All orders are handled and shipped according to handling and shipping method customer chosen. We are not responsible for the delivery delay if customer chosen improper shipping method or order information is not clear for processing order even.

If we delay the handling time without contact you, customers have rights to cancel the order before shipping or return it after shipping out.

If we send the order by wrong shipping method, customers have rights to ask for refund of extra shipping fee.

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