How to Keep Positive During the Pandemic?

"What you think you will be, what you feel you will attract, what you imagine you will create." These were Buddha's words to define the power of the mind.

Today we live a stage in our lives that we had never imagined. The pandemic that we lived through resembles a fictional film from which we cannot find a way out. Nobody thought that all this would last so long and the worst thing is that we do not know how long it will take for all this to end. Many people have suffered the loss of a loved one, many have closed their businesses and desperately seek a short-term solution.

Herein lies the importance of staying calm in the face of adversity. Despite the uncertainty that surrounds us about what may happen, we must look for that positive side of things even if it seems non-existent. Above all, and as difficult as it may seem, we must accept our reality whatever it may be. Then, instead of getting confused or depressed, we should spend our time looking for possible solutions to our problems. We must understand that there are things that we cannot change, if unfortunately, we had to live the loss of a loved one, that person would not want to see us suffer, but rather would want our well-being.

"All things are subject to interpretation, the interpretation that prevails at a given moment is a function of power and not of truth." (Friedrich Nietzsche). We must also understand that we are not alone, although it sometimes seems so. Many institutions are supporting those who are going through bad times.

A very common fear is the fear of change, many people have been forced to seek new job opportunities and have had to dedicate themselves to something else that turns out to be very different from what they did before the pandemic. Now it is up to us how we are going to face our problems. Adversity always brings new opportunities for those who keep their eyes open. Let's not forget that where one door closes, another opens, so the time to think positively is right now.

Today there seems to be a consensus that the solution to the difficult situation of COVID-19 is to adopt unconventional solutions. Thinking in terms of generating positive attitudes can be one of these heterodox responses. Adopting a positive attitude implies being active agents of change.

When we are in good health, it seems that nothing can put us ahead, but if we get sick, if we catch the virus, this causes tremendous frustration, the plans we had are upset and the future is uncertain, we suddenly realize that we are limited. However, we know that many people have been cured, we know that most have survived and that we have many opportunities to survive. So, we must not despair, we must remain calm and we will see that we can move forward. "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be accomplished without hope." (Helen Keller). Well, several proposals can help us stay positive:

Prioritize the facts. Ask yourself how much COVID-19 interferes with your life and business, what precautions you can take, and how you can manage the negative emotions you feel. Stay informed, select the sources of information well, and do not believe everything that is published on social networks.

Positive self-talk. Self-talk is crucial to generating positive thoughts. Encouraging you with phrases like "I'm good at what I do" or "I'm smart, I can do it" can reprogram your subconscious mind to raise your self-esteem. If you want to avoid negative ideas, it helps a lot to choose who you talk to, stay away from negative people.

"Every problem has in its hands a gift for you" (Richard Bach). Plan video calls regularly and not just for work. Keep in mind that in these difficult times, no one is alone. We are all going through the same things; therefore, we are all looking for a helping hand, we all need someone to support us. Making a video call with a group of friends helps us stay optimistic.

Healthy lifestyle. Exercise has a positive effect on mood and helps reduce stress. To lead a healthy lifestyle, you should get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. "Even the darkest night will end with the sunrise" (Victor Hugo). Establish a normal daily routine. Try to keep your life as normal as possible by keeping your usual routine. If the first thing you did was hit the gym, you can follow a workout plan in your living room. Dress as if you are going to go to work and start the workday at the usual time.

Lastly, don't lose faith, there is nothing more powerful than a person's faith in difficult times.

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