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Size Chart | IvyRobes

Our size chart help clarify the size selection for your reference,here we classified all size specification as 8 parts in detail as following:

Note:The robe bottom off the ground by 8''-10'',around end by calf.If you like to ankle,please choose one or two sizes up.

 Adult Choir Robe Size   Fluted Choir Robe Size   Other Choir Robe Size    Children Choir Robe Size   Clergy Robe Size   

 Cassock Size      Surplice Size       Shirt Size      How to Measure

Adult Choir Robe's Size

Fluted Choir Robe's Size

Other Choir Robe's Size

Children Choir Robe's Size

Clergy Robe's Size

Cassock's Size

Surplice's Size

Shirt's Size

How to select the size

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