Tab Collar for Clergy Shirt

Tab Collar for Clergy Shirt

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Tab Collar for Clergy Shirt

Key Features

Collar Features:
·Plastic material
·Light weight
·Color: white


About Our Tab Collar for Clergy Shirt
The tab collar for clergy shirts is made of high-quality plastic materials. It is flexible, gentle and easy to wear. And it is durable, you can use for many years.
A Priest Collar Shirt
Many priests wear a special collared shirt called a priest collar. A priest offers spiritual guidance to the congregation and helps them lead a Christ-like life by following in the footsteps of the Lord. He participates in numerous religious functions such as leading rituals, teaching doctrines, counseling others, praying for others and leading by example.
As a leader, you are held to even higher standards than non-leaders as you set the lesson into action through your deeds. You have more responsibility to walk the right path, but you also get the opportunity to stand out from the congregation with quality clergy attire, such as a cassock or a chasuble or some other item of apparel.

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