Confirmation Robes

Looking for confirmation attire with an embroidery white dove and other relevant church supplies for the confirmation ceremony and the sacrament? Check out IvyRobes. IvyRobes can provide the Catholic churchgoers with the perfect white and red confirmation gowns at the lowest prices. Our remembrance confirmation attire for adults are both affordable and trendy.

All of our premium confirmation robes and confirmation stoles are stocked products in a full range of sizes and colors. With the expedited delivery service, any confirmation guest attire code for the confirmation mass can be met.

We have many confirmation gowns sale. The economy confirmation gowns come in white and red. They are the most traditional confirmation attire for guests with classic designs. Pastoral confirmation robes are featured with dove embroidery on the yoke, which makes these robes more elegant under the Holy Spirit. Remembrance confirmation robe is specially designed for their holy red color and embroidered dove. Besides, we have 3 kinds of confirmation stoles available. We offer the v-style, along with two traditional styles for your choice. All of them are aimed to give you that elegant appearance you desire. We also provide religious apparel for juniors.