Custom Clergy Cassock - 16 Colors Available

Custom Clergy Cassock - 16 Colors Available

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* Custom Products take 4-6 weeks to manufacture

Size Chart

 • Select the size based on fits height and chest. For assistance with measuring, see the bottom measurement guide.
• Fit Height: Measure height with shoes or heels. Mark the total length from head to feet on wall and measure from mark to floor.
• Fir Chest: Wrap a tape measure around the fullest of your chest. Keeping the tape under arms and across shoulder blades. Wrap loosely, with a couple of fingers between tape and body.
• FF Size (Plus Size): Means bigger size than normal, see the chart above for details.

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Custom Clergy Cassock - 16 Colors Available

Key Features

Cassock Features:
• a wonderfully-crafted and high-quality beautiful polyester
• made for durability
• 16 available color options
• 6 available regular adult sizes, 7 available full figure adult sizes


All of our in-stock clergy cassocks are a very popular product on our website that allows one to serve the LORD with fervor and with highly-esteemed respect during their confirmation ceremony; now, we offer customization options for our popular product with a variety of features. The fabric that we use – made with the highest quality available – is a wonderfully-crafted and beautiful polyester; likewise, we have 16 color options available, 6 regular adult sizes available, and 7 full figure adult sizes available. With our affordable tier prices, you can be guaranteed that you’re getting a bargain.

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